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Lab’s Co-Founder gave PowerSpeech

Peeter Nieler, Founder & CEO of Criffin gave his PowerSpeech on VR, motion capture, future VR “Experience Centres” and neuroscience side of VR.

“Giving a PowerSpeech at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival DigiTech Conference was disciplining, inspiring and fulfilling as giving back is important part of my life philosophy.” Peeter Nieler said. “It was clearly an honour to share the stage with heavy lifters such as David C. Traub, Mike Butcher, Andrus Ansip and many others.” he added.

As he explained – Virtual Reality is really a “Pandora’s box” – it’s interesting to see what’s flying out of it but even more interesting will be discovering new future areas unimaginable today!

Criffin also set up lounge on the first floor for anyone to enjoy and network.

Peeter Nieler
Peeter Nieler
Adviser in business development and hardware design. Co-Founder. Also a Founder of VR R&D company Criffin.
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