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NeuroSc Lab exclusive: UploadVR

“European Psychology Lab Working Toward Matrix-Level VR Immersion”please read the whole story here!


Two researchers in Estonia are figuring out ways to trick your brain that are effective enough to elicit physical responses, and push the sensations of virtual reality immersion way beyond anything that’s been experienced so far.

If you’ve ever put on a VR headset then chances are you have experienced the sensations that Madis Vasser and Peeter Nieler are working to accelerate and perfect. The two met during an Estonian VR meetup and began exploring the best way to spend their time and resources so they would have the greatest positive impact on the burgeoning VR/AR industry. I talked with them over Skype and learned about their efforts, which can be summed up in one word: Neurohaptics.

Read the whole story here!



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