Virtual Neuroscience Lab

Virtual Neuroscience Lab has its roots in early 2015, when a couple of forward-thinking students from the University of Tartu experimental psychology and computational neuroscience labs started collaborating on virtual reality related research. They saw the unique potential of VR to drive the human brain with immersive virtual inputs to better understand the underlying neural mechanisms of the mind. The joint effort resulted in a novel study about the change blindness phenomena in VR and an open source virtual reality toolbox for psychological experiments (VREX) that was later presented as a research demo in IEEE VR 2015 in march. The students went on to develop more VR software and do numerous public demonstrations on their spare time.

As the VR scene was gaining more and more momentum during the summer, the team decided that the only way to stay relevant in the field was to take the fast lane to VR research, and this meant going commercial. Seasoned entrepreneur Peeter Nieler, with a track record of an established VR company Criffin, soon joined the ranks and Virtual Neuroscience Lab was officially founded.

As of October 2015 we have set up the workspace, drawn up the first crucial experimental plans, made the first partnership deals and collected first data points. Our mission is to use psychology to enhance VR. Employing 100+ years of fundamental psychological research and the latest tech, we aim to take VR and our knowledge of ourselves to new depths and to develop VR products that have a real effect.

Our CRAZY team

  • Eva-Maria Kangro, PhD
    Eva-Maria Kangro, PhDCEO & customer relations; +372 5850 1310; Skype: evamariakangro
  • Peeter Nieler
    Peeter NielerAdviser in business development. Co-Founder.
  • Kristi Esperk
      Kristi EsperkContent advisor
    • Kadri Raag
        Kadri RaagResearcher

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